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How to: Brow wax

The post you have been waiting for... !

As much as full, feathery, natural brows are in, when we don't groom them for some time, they can feel a little out of control (no brow soap can tame).

Waxing your own brows requires patience, good lighting and a couple tips and tricks.

Keep in mind, do not wax your brows if you use Accutane, retinol, are on medication that 'thins the skin' or makes you sensitive, no tanning (before or after), have had any invasive skin treatments (chemical peels) or if you are using AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids).

Keep in mind- do not wax over the same spot twice- this can put you at risk for 'skinning''.

Another tip is to brow map ahead of time. If you are unsure how to brow map, check out our video on how to brow map. This way, you wax the shape you want instead of taking off too much.

On that note- keep in mind less is more! Sometimes, the biggest transformation happens with the smallest change.

If you have any sparse areas, you can always use a brow pencil to fill it in (or tint brows).

Materials Needed:

Wax (soft or hard wax)

Wax strips (if using soft wax)


Brow Pencil (to outline pattern before waxing)

Pre wax cleanser (witch hazel)

Post wax cream or serum

If you have any questions, message us at!

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