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Inspired by beauty

Feel beautiful from within

With a passion for high-quality products and services, our mission is to simplify beauty by using a holistic approach so clients feel and look their best. We believe that beauty should be analyzed through an external + internal approach. 

There are four core areas that when imbalanced affect our beauty +wellness:

  1. Environment

  2. Selfcare

  3. Health

  4. Wellbeing

Each area flows into one another. By making small adjustments, we can reach overall homeostasis as each area supports the other. 

Nourishing these four areas will bring out the true beauty in you. We understand that life is hectic; therefore, Bliss Beauty + Wellness views each lifestyle to design a beauty regime that suits your individual needs. 

"Selfcare is of the essence... by approaching beauty with a holistic view we can bring out our true beauty and increase our wellbeing, so that we can confidently live a happier, healthier life..." (Kimberly- Owner/ Aesthetician, Life Coach, Beauty Educator)

Learn how to reach your goals and design your ideal routine by booking an appointment! Our trained staff are happy to answer your questions and be part of your beauty journey. 

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How do our surroundings affect our beauty?

Our environment consists of many factors:

  • the people we surround ourselves with

  • society influences (social media, marketing, advertising)

  • physical elements such as dust, mold, chemicals, pollution (air borne or electronic)

  • unorganized space/ cluttered space (objects that no longer serve us)

  • nature and the outdoors (fresh air, sunshine)

By bringing balance and order to environmental factors that we can control we can set ourselves up for success by implementing simple strategies, bringing us closer to our beauty goals. 

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Our basic beauty rituals

Self-care has become an important factor in daily living. Self-care is all about your external needs: facials/ skin care, manicures, pedicures, waxing/ hair removal, eyelash extensions, makeup applications and more. 
Each individual has their own time schedule to dedicate to this. We help you build a simple routine that suits YOUR lifestyle and needs. 
By spending time enjoying a little pampering, we can build our confidence, reduce stress and feel happier. 
Knowing WHY you spend time on self-care helps build strength and connect to our wellbeing. (see more on wellbeing below)

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Connecting and repairing the relationship to your inner self

Wellbeing is the main foundation to inner beauty. How we view ourselves (identity), how we talk to ourselves (the stories we tell ourselves/ "I AM..." statements) and self esteem. 
When we tell ourselves negative stories or statements by being critical of external physical being, we create unhealthy views which results in reoccurring patterns. 
We help repair your relationship with yourself through concentrated one on one coaching as well as when you come to see us for treatments (we want to help you feel beautiful inside and out!)

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Fueling our bodies and movement

What we put inside our bodies and any movement accounts for much of our external beauty and wellbeing. Wholefoods made with love, challenging our bodies physically through exercise and movement helps to detoxify the body, increase energy, increase mental clarity, improve mood and wellbeing as well as many other results. We view ourselves in a more positive perspective which helps balance our wellbeing. 

We help provide you with clean beauty supportive recipes and encourage you to get up and enjoy movement! Tag us in your favorite clean eating recipes and your favorite movements/ exercise using @blissbeautywellness.

Check out our coaching section for more information on how to live a healthier, more beautiful life! 

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