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5 Ways to Slay a Stay-at-Home Valentines Day

Written by Jessica DelBel

Love is a fun, fickle thing. It can be fleeting, all consuming, and ever present. It can be the close bond shared between a married couple, or even the fondness you carry for a pet. Love comes in many shapes, and many forms, and if you asked ten different people what they think love is, you’d probably get ten different answers. It’s what makes Valentine's Day so fun to me. Whether it be a romantic night out, or kids giving out paper valentines to their classmates, Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating just how cool it is that we as human beings can form such strong bonds with those we care about.

Of course, Valentine’s Day has always been marketed towards couples. Whether it be dinners for two, couple’s packages at spas, etc. You name it, there’s gonna be a nifty activity for two promoted with sparkly hearts, chocolates, and an upcharge.

Who’s to say that Valentine’s Day can’t be about spoiling yourself?

Having a night in, and just treating yourself is a wonderful way to relieve stress, and a great way to invest in your own self-care, and mental wellbeing; and these five activities can make for an incredibly zen solo Valentine’s Day.

Of course, you’re always more than welcome to get your partner involved if you have one. Performing little self-care rituals with someone you love is a great way to bond, and makes for a fun night in!

1. Take a Bubble Bath, or Steamy Shower!

For some, nothing says self care like completely enveloping yourself in a hot bath, or standing under a scalding hot showerhead until you feel vaguely lobster-esque. Hot water is amazing for relieving muscle tension, and improving blood circulation as well, and is the perfect way to start a cozy night in.

A product I would highly recommend if you want to feel like the royalty you are would be a lovely foaming bath

soap from Druide in the scent Sensual. It has anise, cinnamon, clove, and other naturally-sourced oils and plant extracts that’ll spice things up! Literally. I can’t stress enough how much this smells like those cinnamon-heart candies.

If you’re having a solo Valentine’s Day, unwind in a nice bubble bath, perhaps with a drink of choice. If you have a shower as opposed to a bathtub, you can use the soap as you would a body wash. (Keep in mind with this formula, with all the cinnamon and such, I would recommend avoiding intimate areas.) An alternate formula from the same brand that I also love would be their anti-stress scent, which smells like lavender, chamomile, sweet orange, and other naturally-sourced goodies. (It’s probably better for your bits, too.)

For couples, sharing a romantic shower would be the optimal set up, and would likely be lovely and intimate! If you can somehow squeeze two grown adults in a regular-sized bathtub, (I would be impressed, first and foremost) a shared bubble-bath would also be a fun shared activity, and super cozy.

2. Scrub-a-dub-dub!

Did you know exfoliation increases long-term collagen production? Also, did you know that Lalicious has a body scrub called Sugar Kiss that if left unattended, I would probably eat? Sugar scrubs, as opposed to micro-bead exfoliation scrubs, are way better for the environment, as micro-beads typically contain plastics that find their way into our water systems and are incredibly damaging. Sugar just dissolves in water. Sugar is also known to be a lot gentler on human skin, gently unclogging pores and removing dead skin cells. After you finish a nice hot bath or shower, give your body a quick scrub down before rinsing off for the softest, sweetest smelling skin of your life.

For couples, congrats! You have another person with you that can scrub down those spots on your back that you can’t reach. Ain’t love grand?

3. Smoothing Things Over

You’re out of the shower or tub and you’re freshly exfoliated. If you had used the Sugar Kiss scrub, you can probably smell the citrus, rose, and vanilla notes. To finish off your spa-like experience, I would recommend applying the scrub’s companion body butter, also in the scent Sugar Kiss. Not only will you get even more of that irresistible scent, but with ingredients like Shea Butter and Safflower Oil to hydrate and lock in moisture, and Vitamin E and Aloe Vera to nourish and protect your skin, it’ll not only protect your skin against the harsh winter weather, but make sliding into your clean sheets at the end of the night with smooth skin all the more satisfying.

4. Swipe On, Peel Off!

This wouldn’t be a self-care guide if I didn’t bring up face masks at some point, right? With the weather fluctuating between miserably cold, disgustingly snowy, and mediocre-at-best, it’s no surprise that plenty of people start developing skin problems during this time of the year. The most common skin issue during the winter months is dry skin on the face, or alternatively due to current circumstances, maskne. (Acne on the face due the heat, moisture, and friction that comes with wearing a mask).

Hydro Jelly face-mask kits are wicked. The best part? Every package comes with enough product to make two masks! You can either save the extra for a rainy day, or have a romantic night in with a self-care buddy!

While there are plenty of choices in regards to which mask would be best, one I could easily recommend for any and all skin types would be their Egyptian Rose peel off mask. It’s full of organic rose petals, and rose bud flakes, and the mask itself looks elegant to boot. (Like a really fancy countertop, come to think of it). Rose itself as an ingredient not only hydrates the skin, but illuminates it for a soft, subtle glow, and what’s more fitting for the holiday than putting a bunch of rose petals on your face?

5. Sending Out Posi-tea-ve Vibes

So. You’ve had a nice soak, scrubbed down, buttered up, and let some goop marinade on your face until it was set enough to peel off. At this point, it’s time to start winding down for the evening. This would be a really good point to sit and relax, perhaps practice some self-reflection and mindfulness. Alternatively, you can put on your favourite show or movie, or even get settled down with a nice book. If you have any hobbies you enjoy, it’s the perfect time to indulge yourself in them.

While you relax, be sure to stay hydrated! Granted, by now you probably feel as if your skin couldn’t possibly be more hydrated, but this isn’t about your skin. This is about you drinking the best tea of your life. It’s a bold statement, I’m well aware, but trust me when I say Blume makes some incredible teas, and other drinks you could enjoy. I find that lots of teas, if you want to make them correctly, have a bit of a weird learning curve. Certain blends require your water to be a very specific temperature for the best possible taste.

For Valentine’s day, what sounds better? An earl grey teabag that’s probably been stashed away in your pantry for longer than you can remember that you promised yourself you would drink at some point, or a London Fog blend infused with rose, with easy to follow instructions to make a creamy tea latte? It’s a no-brainer, if you ask me.

Enjoy your relaxing Valentines Spa Night!

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