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8 tips to feel amazing!

1. Stay hydrated!

Water is vital for your body to function. Water helps process and transport nutrients throughout the body; aids in digestion and moving waste, detoxifies the body and helps maintain energy levels, reduce fatigue and increase mental clarity. So drink up!

2. Slow down!

We live in a fast paced world where we never stop. Were always on the go. Sometimes we do things “to just get things done” and forget to stop and enjoy the small things. So slow down! Take time to eat your food slowly and enjoy every bite, enjoy every moment with your family and friends and take time for yourself (even if its 10 minutes to have your own down time!)

Delegate tasks if need be. This will increase your wellbeing significantly.

3. Avoid bad sugars!

Most of the “convenience foods” we eat are loaded with refined sugars or artificial sugars (aspartame, sucralose). Most of these can be found in pop, coffee, sweetened teas, granola bars, meal replacement foods and other sweet foods and drinks. Take time at the beginning of your week to pack convenience snacks that do not contain added sugars. Substitute coconut sugar, pure maple syrup or honey for added sweeteners for coffee and teas.

4. Give into cravings!

Food and desires. It’s all about balance. Sometimes we restrict ourselves and reward only when we "achieved or accomplished" something. This can sometimes lead to binging or impulsiveness then feelings of guilt or regret.

To avoid this enjoy things in moderation and FULLY enjoy them. Life is short- so enjoy!

5. Stay on track!

In order to be successful and reduce stress- take time at the beginning of each day (or week) and write out where you need to go (times/ places) as well as what you will eat/ drink during the day to keep your energy up. This keeps you organized and reduces feeling or overwhelm or forgetfulness.

6. Exercise!

Work it into your daily schedule. Even if it’s a half hour walk at the end of your day with family or friends- it helps reduce stress and releases “endorphins” to make you feel good!

You can also do extra things such as parking further from work, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, go for a walk on your lunch break (the fresh air will help you focus in the afternoon!) or walk on the tredmill while watching tv. It’s the little activities that make a difference! Most have a fitbit- so create a challenge for yourself. You can also do a 30 day squat challenge or push up challenge. You will be surprised at what you can actually do!

7. Get some rest!

We tend to take away from our sleep to get tasks done- which can actually impede our work productivity. Get 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night!

Check out our blog on how to shut down at night.

8. Social Connection

Interact with people. As humans we are social creatures. We crave connection with others. Whether its a stranger you chat with briefly waiting in line at a store or have an intimate conversation with a loved one. Regardless on who it is, the acct of talking or connecting with another actually boosts your wellbeing, increasing feelings of happiness and contentment.

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