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What's the Hype about Blue Spirulina?

With society moving towards a more plant based diet, we are looking for ways to incorporate more nutrients into our daily lives so we can keep our energy levels stable and improve our overall health.

What is Spirulina?

Growing in ponds, lakes and alkaline water ways, spirulina is a blue/ green algae based, powerhouse of nutrients full of magnesium, protein, minerals, vitamins (B-vitamins, beta- carotene, vitamin E), antioxidants, chlorophyll and more. Those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet use this as an extra boost of protein but spirulina is beneficial for anyone!

Holding a vast amount of nutrients, blue/ green spirulina can have more of a distinct seaweed taste whereas the blue spirulina is more palatable and versatile. The pigment in the blue/ green algae is from the phytochemical- "phycocyanin" (think "cyan"- blue). This phytochemical is extracted to make blue spirulina.

More benefits of Blue Spirulina.....

  1. Removes heavy metals from the body- spirulina binds with metals in the body to help remove them.

  2. May aid in weight loss- Since spirulina is high in protein this can help create satiety. Protein helps us feel fuller longer so we are less likely to snack or over indulge.

  3. Boost energy and performance- Spirulina has an abundance of b vitamins which can boost energy levels which helps improve training and workout results leading you to burn more fat. Spirulina' s antioxidant content assists in decreasing exercise induced oxidation which leads to muscle fatigue and inability to gain muscle. Antioxidants fight free radicals (which are unbalanced electrons that increase chance of disease, illness and inflammation). Bonus- antioxidants help slow the aging process!

  4. Can improve digestion and bowel health- Spirulina contains chlorophyll, this helps to support the digestive system and promote healthy gut bacteria.

How to use it?

Blue spirulina can be a great additive for smoothies, lattes, baked goods and more. You can use this as a natural "food dye" giving you a beautiful blue color.

We LOVE #ItsBlume "Blue Lavender Blend". Containing blue spirulina, lavender and coconut milk, The added bonus- lavender helps calm the central nervous system (ie: reduce stress and anxiety!).

We love it as a hot latte or in smoothie or dairy free ice cream.

Click HERE for recipes using #ItsBlume Blue Lavender Blend.

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