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DIY Summer Wedding Makeup Tutorial

If you're unsure how to do your makeup for an upcoming wedding, check out this tutorial. Its quick, easy and is perfect for photos! Using #YoungBloodCosmetics and the new Sweet Talk palette as well as the new highlighter and hydrating lip colour. These colours are gorgeous on every skin tone and eye colour. Keep it light for a subtle natural look or layer the colours to glam it up.

To keep eyeshadow from creasing use an eyelid primer or use a clear primer with translucent powder on top.

Items used (all by YoundBlood Cosmetics)

* Liquid foundation in Golden Tan

* Clear Primer

* Loose rice powder in medium

* Sweet talk quad palette

* Highlighter in Aurora

* Ardell Strip lashes

* Contour palette

* Concealer in medium

If you need some assistance with understanding your skin tone, undertone and more- stop by for a free 15 minute makeup consultation. You will receive a personalized "beauty codes" card with all the info you need to shop the cosmetic aisles.

Questions? Send us a DM. We love to hear from you!

Have fun!

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