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How To Boost Your Skin with a Hydro Jelly Mask

What are Hydro Jelly Masks?

Hydro Jelly masks are peel off masks infused with electrolytes to help rebalance the minerals on the surface of the skin to provide a smooth, glowing complexion. Each mask contains alginate, willow bark extract, rice flour and oat flour to soothe the skin and make it appear refreshed.

Who can use the masks?

The masks are great for all skin types! Depending on your skin concern, there are masks specially formulated with concentrated ingredients to help target particular skin conditions. There are masks for pigmentation, blemishes/ problematic skin, rosacea/ redness/ sensitive skin/ irritation, dry skin, dehydrated skin, aging skin (wrinkles, loose skin) and dull/ lack luster skin.

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Mask protocol.

Enjoy a Hydro Jelly mask treatment as often as once a week or every 2-4 weeks, depending on your skin care needs. Those with problematic or inflamed skin can enjoy a mask more often until the condition is under control, then reduce the usage to every 3-4 weeks. You can do a mask when your skin is dull, dry or dehydrated for an added boost. You can also do a mask before an event for a glowing boost or the morning after a night out to rehydrate and brighten the skin!

How to use.

Each box will contain 2 masks, 2 biodegradable bowls, 1 spatula to stir the contents as well as 1 measuring cup to add the water.

When ready to use, dispense 1 pouch of mask in the bowl and add 1 scoop of water in the bowl as well. Slowly stir the contents until the mixture is a gel like substance.

Apply on freshly cleansed, dry skin all over the face, the lips and the neck. (tip! add your favorite serum on your skin for an extra boost)

Allow to dry for 15-20 minutes. (read a book and relax!)

Once dry, gently lift the edges of the mask then starting from the bottom up begin to peel off the mask in one piece.

Do not rinse your face afterwards! Use a damp cloth to gently remove any left over reside.

Finish by applying your favorite cream!

Hydro Jelly masks are a great add on to your skin care routine and perfect for between facial treatments!

Message us with any questions you may have!

Keep Calm and Spa On!

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