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Fall 2021 Nail Trends

The colour of the leaves are ever changing, everything tastes remotely of apples and cinnamon, and you’re eyeing your closet, really unsure if you’re gonna need that comfy sweater you’ve stashed away during the summer because yes, the mornings have that crisp autumnal chill, but the afternoons where you’re taking it on and off? Forget it.

It’s finally beginning to feel like fall!

When it comes to nails, fall just happens to be one of, if not the most underrated seasons for nail art, and nail trends as a whole. Winter has Christmas and the New Year, with rich jewel tones, and plenty of sparkles and bling; The spring has soft pastel colours, and cream tones..

The fall has.. neutral colors, and occasionally a swash of some neon orange or blindingly funky shades of purple for Halloween. That’s predictable, dare I say trite at times.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be.

Here at Bliss, our leading team of advanced trend analysts (A caffeinated near twenty-something), have been working tirelessly to find the perfect fall trends for 2021 that balance what’s been popular for years with what’s new and popular in the ever changing landscape that is beauty and fashion, not to mention incorporating CND’s new collection for fall 2021, Wild Romantics.

  1. Tortoise Shell Nails

Recommended Colours: CND Shellac Gel Polish in the shades Candlelight and Faux Fur, Gelish Gel Polish in Black Shadow

Tortoiseshell has been around longer than one might think! Its use in decor is dated as far back as Ancient Rome, where actual tortoise shells were used by the ultra-wealthy to decorate musical instruments, and couches where they would lay down to eat.

Tortoiseshell patterns have been around for centuries, and for good reason, its simple elegance has made it a mainstay in mainstream culture, coming and going with the trends of the ages, and it certainly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

To create this surprisingly simple look, all you need to do is apply a thin base coat of the burnt-orange colour of your wildest dreams (We love Candlelight here. It’s a toasty orange with a smidge of a mustardy yellow in there, which is also from the Wild Romantics collection!), and begin forming the pattern itself with a nice dark brown.

Then, top it off with a sheer layer of black, and a glossy topcoat to make your nails look like those glasses every librarian seems to own at least three pairs of.

2. Neutral Ripple Nails

Recommended Colours: CND Shellac Gel Polish in the shades Wrapped in Linen and Cashmere Wrap

Fall nails and neutral colours go together like pumpkin spice and everything you consume between September and March. It just works. Of course, there are plenty of people who wear neutrals year-round, and especially during the fall, but why just wear a plain, flat colour when you can pumpkin spice it up?

Warm, brown neutrals evoke those cozy autumnal vibes, and combined with soft rippled patterns into the nail makes me think of a warm cup of coffee on the porch on a chilly morning, or a warm cup of hot chocolate by a fire after a long day of visiting pumpkin patches, or watching Hocus Pocus for the thousandth time.

3. Gold Foil/ Negative Space Nails

Recommended Colour: Gelish Gel Polish in the shade I’m No Stranger To Love

Sometimes, in this world, negativity can seem rife. It can feel challenging, if not outright difficult to see the good in things. Then again, this post isn’t exactly about bettering anything other than your nails, but who’s to say we can’t use that negativity to make something outright beautiful?

That was in fact, a long-winded segue into the subject of negative space. Negative space is a technique used in all forms of art, though in nail art it involves leaving portions of the natural nail visible. In this particular piece of nail art, the border that separates the polish from the nail is made of gold foil, which leaves the nail with this absolutely opulent design, reminiscent of a geode.

It’s a great nail to have during that transitional period between October and November, where nail art begins to start teetering towards that pre-Christmas period, and the use of gold-foil transfer sheets seemingly hits its peak worldwide.

And the best part? Even when it starts chipping, it looks completely intentional.

Credit: written by Jessica DelBel

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