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How to removal Acrylic Nails at home

If you need to removal your acrylic nails, then this is the post for you!

First, I would like to add that, there are 2 ways to build acrylic nails- acrylic over glued on tips or sculpted acrylic. Whatever application you had done, you will still be able to remove both.

When removing your acrylic, be cautious to not file into the natural nail plate, as over filing the natural nail can cause nail damage. At the salon we use an electric file to take down the bulk of the product (this reduces time for filing and it is less arm powder for the tech- that does nails all day). You can still remove nails with a file- see demo video below.

As the nails start to come off, DO NOT assist the process by peeling, picking or lifting any of the product off! This will result in damage to your natural nails. Let the solution soften the product and GENTLY roll off with a 240/180grit file.

Additionally, it is recommended that you file your nails short after artificial nail removal. After the process you may find your nails weak and dry. To avoid future breakage, keeping nails short for a bit will allow the part of the natural nail that was covered, grow out while the unaltered portion grows out.

That being said, everyone has different nails! If you have strong nails and prefer them longer, you may leave them to a length you desire.

Finally, if you would like to switch to gel polish (shellac), you may do so after the removal. This will give your nails a little extra support as well (check out our blog on gel polish application).

Before you get started, you will need a few items.

Items Needed:

Nail File (240-180 grit or 180-180 grit. The higher the number the smoother the file- the lower the number the "grittier" the file)



Acetone (pure)

Buffer (240 grit)

That's it!

Check out the video below to see a demo.

If you have any questions, you can send us an email or message our FB page. And we'll do our best to answer you beauty Q's.

Now go remove those nails like a pro!


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