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How to wax your underarms at home

The warmer weather is here! You're about to put on a sleeveless shirt, then quickly realize that you need to shave your underarms!

Instead of shaving, try waxing! You get to enjoy smoother, bare underarms longer and you will no longer experience the "dark stubble" shadow.

Overtime, you're hair growth will reduce. Waxing is a low maintenance option for hair removal.

Products Needed:

Soft wax (alternatively you can use hard wax!)

Wax Strips (unbleached, natural muslin)

Wax Sticks (Tongue depressors or large popsicle sticks)

Wax Heater (To warm wax)

Witch Hazel (Pre wax prep solution)

Powder (or other depilatory powder)

1-2 Cotton Pads

Post wax solution (aloe, coconut oil or other post wax cream)

See video below for a complete demonstration!


  • Do not wax on broken, inflamed or irritated skin

  • Do not wax on bruising or raised veins

  • Check the direction to which your hair grows ahead of time. You will apply the wax IN the direction and pull in the OPPOSITE direction

  • Do not wax over the same spot more than once (you can risk "skinning"- making the area tender)

  • Do not apply deodorant right after (with the exception of #Druide PurPure natural deodorant- see link )

  • If tender after waxing, you can apply a cool cloth to take the sting away

If you have any more questions, send us a message and we will do our best to help answer your beauty Q's!

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